Lil Durk Brings Out 20 Pittsburgh Students To Perform 'All My Life'

Photo: Getty Images

20 Pittsburgh students joined Lil Durk on stage to perform one of his hit songs during Drake and J. Cole's "It's All A Blur" tour.

On Saturday (February 17), Lil Durk performed his song "All My Life" with the help of 20 students from Pittsburgh's Faison and Westinghouse academies as he opened for Drake and J. Cole on tour, per CBS News.

Dr. Kimberly Price, Coordinator of Performing Arts for Pittsburgh Public Schools, said she got an email of out the blue about the performance.

"The two schools brought 20 students from different age groups. From high school, sixth and fifth grades. Teachers gave up their weekends to be there for the kids," Price said. "To have a team that came together like they did from our communications department to our teachers who gave up half of a day on a Saturday, people want our kids to do well, and our kids do."

Price said Lil Durk worked well with the kids during and after the performance.

"He was so gracious with the kids. I wish you could have seen it. He was giving kids high fives, [and] fist bumps. Originally, with the pictures, he stood to the side so the kids could get the spotlight they deserved," she said.

The music stars also gave $100 bills to every student who performed.

"Our kids were like, they were so excited, they were crying. It was a moment I will not forget, to see the kids do so well and be treated so well by an artist; they won't forget it either."

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