3 Minors Arrested After Allegedly Beating Disabled Man To Death On Street

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A group of minors has been arrested after allegedly beating a 64-year-old disabled man to death in Washington, D.C, per the New York Post.

Reggie Brown, 64, was walking back to his apartment in October 2023 when a man, a 12-year-old girl, and two 13-year-old girls randomly approached him and allegedly began attacking him in the street.

Video shows a group of girls chasing Brown down an alley before they stomped on his head and used his belt to beat him, according to investigators, per the Washington Post. The group allegedly laughed at Brown as he was bleeding from his head.

“He’s leaking!” one of the girls allegedly said.

Brown was later found dead on the street. According to an autopsy, Brown died of blunt force trauma.

Police said Brown was disabled and had mental health issues.

According to Detective Harry Singleton, a man in his 20s initiated the attack, grabbing Brown by the collar and throwing him against a brick wall. As the girls walked by, one allegedly asked the man "Can I fight him?” before the assault ensued.

All three girls have been charged with second-degree murder. Brown's family is calling for the minors to be charged as adults.

"They should be charged as adults because they knew what they were doing," Brown's sister told FOX 5. "They do adult things, they should be treated as adults."

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