Video Shows Assistant Principal Kicking 12-Year-Old Girl, Mom Says

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A Mississippi mother has filed charges against an assistant principal who allegedly was caught on video kicking her daughter, Action News 5 reports.

Shameka McEntyre said her 12-year-old daughter was fighting with another student at Southaven Middle School when assistant principal Granger Brown intervened by snatching and kicking her.

McEntrye said the school officials didn't inform her about Brown's alleged use of force against her daughter. The 12-year-old child told her what happened, and a video of the incident confirmed what had occurred, according to McEntyre.

“I was mad, I was mad as ever,” McEntyre said. “The assistant principal intervened and grabbed her hair and her jacket, and he took his foot, and he kicked her which I feel like that was uncalled for.”

McEntyre said her daughter has returned to school since being suspended for fighting. According to the McEntyre, the assistant principal was suspended following the incident.

The mom said she's not condoning her daughter fighting but she's calling for the assistant principal to face more consequences.

“This looks like she was literally being attacked. And the way he did it and walked off it was like his whole demeanor his whole-body language was like and he cannot say he did not do that on purpose. You purposely did that like you had a personal issue with her,” McEntyre said.

The 12-year-old girl's mom said she filed charges against the assistant principal and has a court date scheduled for this month.

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