Teyana Taylor Accuses Iman Shumpert Of Cheating Throughout Their Marriage

Photo: Getty Images

More revelations are coming out of the divorce case between Teyana Taylor and her estranged husband Iman Shumpert.

According to journalist Dennis Byron, who is covering the trial, Taylor broke down on the witness stand this week while detailing that Shumpert cheated on her. Taylor said the cheating occurred before their marriage and during her pregnancy.

The singer claimed that during their marriage Shupert, who she shares daughters Junie and Rue Rose, sent pictures of himself and their child to women he was "dealing with," Byron reports.

At one point during the divorce trial, Taylor admitted that she also stepped out on their marriage.

The trial comes after Taylor filed for divorce from Shumpert in January 2023 following seven years of marriage. News broke about the filing in November.

In court hearings, the couple is reportedly fighting over the splitting of their assets and a custody agreement for their children. Shumpert is reportedly asking for items he gifted Taylor during their relationship.

“Gimme my jewelry, I’m un-gifting that condo," Shumpert expressed, according to reports.

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